Zhejiang Province to Looks to Replace More Farmers with Machines Amid Modernization Push

China has chosen one of its most affluent provinces, Zhejiang, to pilot the strategy of replacing farm laborers with machines. Zhejiang agricultural department confirmed on Monday [10 October 2016] that the province has set a timetable of becoming a paradigm of modern agriculture by 2020…Full Article: The Global Times Oct 2016 Key Point By 2020,

Braised Chicken and Rice the Most Common Food Transaction on Alibaba’s Alipay E-Payment System

Consumers from Zhejiang province were the second-biggest spenders by Alipay in 2015, only second to their counterparts from Shanghai, according to an annual report released by the country’s largest online payment platform. The report showed the average individual in Shanghai spent 104,155 yuan ($15,703) on Alipay last year. Zhejiang’s consumers ranked second with average per

Chinese Scientists Complete the Genome Sequencing of Mustard

Chinese scientists have mapped the genome sequence of allopolyploid Brassica juncea, or mustard, a vegetable commonly used in Chinese cooking. Zhejiang University’s Zhang Mingfang, who is a member of the research program, said Tuesday [13 September 2016] that the sequencing would help scientists understand and improve the agriculturally important vegetable…Full Article: The Global Times Sept

China to Establish New Free Trade Zones in the Inland Provinces of Liaoning, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, and Henan

China is showing its resolve to pursue further opening-up and trade liberalization by giving the green light to seven more Free Trade Zones (FTZs) in inland provinces ahead of the 11th G20 Summit. Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng was quoted in an exclusive interview with the Xinhua News Agency as saying on Wednesday [31 August

Beverage Company Wahaha Group to Seek Israeli Help for Setting Up Industrial Robots in its New Lin’an Factory

China’s largest beverage producer Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co Ltd is planning to set up a new factory to expand the production of industrial robots as part of a business transformation. The value of the investment was not revealed, but Chairman Zong Qinghou told China Daily the figure could be significant. “Besides sticking to our main business

Zhejiang Tech Company Teams Up with Israeli Software Company to Create QR Code based Food Traceability System

Creating a system to trace the entire process of food and agricultural products going from field to table will be an effective way to solve the food safety problem in China, Zheng Xinli, chairman of Zhejiang Evoture Net Technology Co Ltd said. China’s new food security law took effect on October 1 last year, emphasizing

Hangzhou Steamed Bun Restaurant to Open its First US Store in Massachusetts

A steamed bun brand that originated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, is preparing to go international, opening its first overseas location. GanQiShi Bao Bao is well known for its delicious fist-sized handmade steamed buns, or baozi, which are stuffed with shredded meat, vegetables or sweet fillings. In May [2016], the company will open its first US