China Looks to Boost Truffle Production after Reserves Dwindle due to High Demand and Overeager Harvesting

Chinese truffles have been so popular in the last decade that natural reserves are now seriously threatened. The light on the horizon is a research farm that has successfully cultivated these precious fungi. Yunnan province has produced its first batch of cultivated black truffles, and experts say they hope the fungi will be available on

Yunnan Province Forecasted to Receive Rainfall in Mid-April, Relieving a 6-month Long Drought

A drought-hit region in Yunnan province is expected to welcome mild to heavy rainfall before April 16, relieving a six-month-long drought, the China Meteorological Administration forecasted on Wednesday. From Wednesday to Friday, rainfall may hit eastern parts of the province, while next week another round of rain will be seen in the northeastern parts of

Illegal Timber Exports to Southern China Increase Due to Lull in Conflict Between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Government

Hundreds of Chinese owned trucks laden with timber have crossed from Kachin state into China over the past few weeks. Timber being transported to China has increased during the recent lull in fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burma army. Hardwoods harvested from government controlled forests in the state are once again being shipped