Fishing to be Banned in All 332 Nature Reserves Along the Yangtze River in 2018

Fishing would be gradually banned in all 332 nature reserves along China’s Yangtze River from January to restore the ecosystem of the country’s largest river. The ban also applies to future nature reserves, said Zhao Yimin, deputy director of the Yangtze River Fishing Supervision and Administration Office under the Ministry of Agriculture…Full Article: Xinhua Nov

Record-breaking Chinese Sturgeon Caught in Jiangxi Province’s Poyang Lake

A rare large Chinese sturgeon has been caught by a fisherman in China’s largest freshwater lake Poyang Lake, east China’s Jiangxi Province, local fishery authorities said Wednesday. The sturgeon which measures 1.3 meters and weighs about 13.5 kilograms(29.8 pounds) is the largest Chinese sturgeon ever discovered in the lake, according to the fishery bureau of

Chinese Conservationists Release 8,000 Chinese Sturgeon into the Yangtze River

Conservationists released 8,000 Chinese sturgeon into the Yangtze River on Wednesday. Researchers from the Chinese Sturgeon Research Center said that introducing such a large amount of captive-bred sturgeon into their “original home” will help increase their survival rate, China News Service reported…Full-text article: China Daily Apr 2013 Key point Over the past 30 years, the