Drought is Causing Water Shortages in Henan and Shaanxi (Video)

The high temperatures continued on Saturday in many parts of China. Weeks of drought have already brought water shortages and caused major damage to agriculture in some of the country’s major farming provinces. The central province of Henan and northwestern province of Shaanxi have been the worst-hit, with Henan experiencing its worst drought and lowest

China to Invest Over US$11 Billion in its Water Resources Infrastructure

China will continue to invest heavily in the agriculture sector to ensure food security, with 70 billion yuan ($11.27 billion) being allocated to water resource infrastructure, a spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said Wednesday. The total volume and proportion of investment for agriculture in 2014 will be greater than in 2013,

China may Institute a 3-Tiered Pricing Structure for Urban Household Water Consumption by 2015

All cities in China should be charging tiered prices for household water by the end of 2015, to encourage people to use less water. The guidelines published on Friday by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Ministry, suggest a three rate structure, charging more to homes which use more…Full

Zhejiang-based Bottled Water Company Ceases Production of 19-liter (~5 gallons) Barrels

Bottled water company Nongfu Spring said yesterday it had decided to cease production of barreled water in Beijing permanently following a temporary suspension order imposed by the capital’s quality watchdogs in a dispute over standards. The company said that nearly 100,000 residents in the city who had prepaid would be given five 4-liter bottles of