Vietnam Detects High Levels of Pesticide Residue in Fruit and Vegetable Shipments from China

In its Document 986/QLCL-CL2 sent to China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Nafiqad listed lime, grape, persimmon, apple, turnip, mandarin, carrot and orange from the batches with higher chemical residues than allowed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Notably, the residue of Propargite used to kill spiders in Chinese mandarin

Chinese Prices for Imported Tropical Fruit Spike Owing to Poor Weather in Chile and Southeast Asia

The price of durian was only at 11-12 yuan [~US$1.85] per half a kilo last year [e.g 2013]. This year it has increased to 18.8 yuan [US$3.02] per half a kilo. Most of durians come from Thailand and are very expensive. Vietnamese durian will also be hitting Chinese supermarket shelves for the first time, at

Chinese Exports of Fresh Produce and Fertilizer to Vietnam on the Rise

While agriculture is Vietnam’s economic strength, the sector is now also full of produce imported from China, not to mention a heavy reliance on Chinese machinery, seeds, and fertilizers. Vietnam spent some $40 million to import up to 15,000 tons of rice seeds from China every year, according to the Department of Cultivation. This is

Vietnam Intensifies Inspections of Chinese Ginger Following Report of Toxic Pesticide Use by Shandong Farmers

Vietnam has tightened up inspections of ginger imported from China following reports that farmers in Shandong Province were over-using a pesticide called Aldicard in growing ginger. The pesticide is currently banned in Vietnam…Full-text article: Fresh Plaza May 2013 Key point According to the article, generally ginger does not undergo food safety tests since import volumes