WH Group’s Smithfield Foods Rejects Bailout Assistance from the USDA’s Food Purchase and Distribution Program

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) terminated a purchase contract worth $240,000 with Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods that had been awarded under the Trump administration’s agricultural trade bailout program, a move taken at the company’s request, a department spokesman said on Friday [16 November 2018]…Full Article: The Global Times Nov 2018 Key Point In October 2018,

USDA Decreases 2023/2024 Chinese Corn Import Estimate from 22 Million MTs to 6.5 Million MTs

The perils of forecasting the Chinese agricultural market came to the fore earlier this month when the US Department of Agriculture slashed its predictions for Chinese corn imports. Last year, the USDA reckoned China was set to become the largest importer of grain. But mounting evidence of rising inventories and falling demand triggered a rethink

US Frozen Cranberries, Frozen Blueberries, and Frozen Strawberries Get Easier Access to China

Thanksgiving in the US means cranberry consumption – about 20 percent of all US cranberry consumption is done during the holidays – and a new certificate issued to US cranberry growers means that the red berry will have an easier time making it to China as well, where demand for cranberry has grown dramatically in

Michigan Seeks Approval to Export Blueberries to China

As Michigan Governor Rick Snyder further strengthens his state’s trade relationship with China during his third China trade mission there, Jamie Clover Adams, one of Snyder’s delegation members and the head of Michigan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, is making sure the state’s agribusinesses doesn’t miss a single opportunity…Full-text article: China Daily Sep 2013

The U.S. Allows Re-Exports of Processed Chicken from 4 Chinese Companies

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave approval for four Chinese poultry processors to import into the United States, lifting a ban set to protect Americans against deadly avian influenza breakouts. The processors will only be allowed to re-export heat-treated/cooked chicken that has been initially slaughtered in the U.S. or another nation that exports slaughtered

Chinese Sand Pears to Enter U.S. in 2013

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will now allow the importation of sand pears, Pyrus pyrifolia, from China starting January 18. The two-tiered regulation change will take into account whether the fruit originates from a zone containing Oriental fruit flies, Bactrocera dorsalis. All sand pears will require a phytosanitary certificate declaring competition of import