China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Lead New Interdepartmental Conference System

As part of China’s health drive, the State Council has decided to establish an inter-departmental conference system for coordinated work on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), said the State Council website Thursday [25 August 2016]…Full Article: Xinhua Finance Aug 2016 Key Point China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will lead the new inter-departmental conference system

Price for Famed Tibetan Cure-all, Caterpillar ‘Worm Grass’ Fungus, Suffers Major Decline

Caterpillar fungus, known in China as “worm grass,” is a valuable material used in Traditional Chinese medicine that is only found in high-altitude regions, especially the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Caterpillar fungus was once literally worth more than its weight in gold in China, but over the past three years, prices have fallen by half…Full Article

Bear Bile Manufacturer Fails to Obtain Public Listing on China’s New Third Board

Guizhentang, a manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has again failed to complete plans for a public listing following an outcry from animal welfare groups over its practice of extracting bile from live bears. In December 2015, the company published a statement saying that it planned to raise funds by getting listed on the New

Australian Company to Try and Export Chinese Medicine Products to China

Australian pharmaceutical company Blackmores will attempt to tap into the burgeoning herbal medicine market in China and throughout Asia via its new Australian-based business. The vitamin maker on Friday [6 May 2016] announced it had acquired leading local Chinese medicine manufacturer and distributor Global Therapeutics, a group that currently commands an estimated 80 percent share

Traditional Chinese Medicine Farmers in Gansu Province Profit from Selenium Rich Plants

Farmers in northwest China are finding new ways to increase their incomes by growing herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). For many years farmers in Weiyuan County, Gansu Province [south of Lanzhou], have made their living by growing TCM herbs like astragalus mongholicus and angelica, but profits have always been thin and the living

Jilin Province, the Heart of China’s Ginseng Industry, Eyes Larger Share of Global Trade

In Fusong county of Jilin, about 35,000 metric tons of fresh ginseng were traded at Changbai Ginseng Market in 2014, Asia’s largest for the root. The volume accounted for 80 percent of the country’s ginseng market. China’s ginseng exports declined 36 percent to 1,207 tons in 2014 while the value increased 14 percent to $137

Opium Poppy Capsules Continue to Find Their Way into Chinese Restaurant and Snack Dishes

A string of restaurants discovered using poppy capsules for seasoning have exposed a shocking practice in China’s food industry. On Wednesday [27 January 2016], authorities busted a noodle restaurant for adding the potentially-addictive poppy capsule into mutton noodles in Yulin City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, according to the local Huashang Newspaper…Full Article: Xinhua Jan 2016

Famed Donkey-hide Gelatin Producer Inks Agreement with Shandong Catering Company to Launch New Food Products

Dongeejiao Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, whose major product is ejiao, a traditional Chinese health improvement product, signed an agreement with Shandong Lvbang catering company to launch two food brands, donkey flesh hotpot and donkey flesh steamed stuff bun. Dongeejiao’s products are made of donkey leather, which is regarded as a tonic in traditional Chinese medicine, and