China and Russia Agree to Ease Restrictions on the Cross-Border Trade of Fresh Produce and Timber

China will directly export fruit and vegetables to Russia after the Russian government banned import of agricultural products from western suppliers, according to on Tuesday [12 August 2014]. Baorong, a wholesale company dealing with agricultural products between China and Russia, is reportedly building a special logistics center in Heilongjiang province’s Dongning, which is near

Chinese Demand for Siamese Rosewood Drives Illegal Logging in Mekong Region

Runaway Chinese demand for luxury furniture is spurring illegal logging across Southeast Asia, stripping the region of precious Siamese rosewood [Dalbergia cochinchinensis] and driving a chain of cross-border corruption and violence, environmentalists said Monday [12 May 2014]. Increasing wealth in China has seen a surge in sales of consumer status symbols such as reproductions of

Heilongjiang Province Bans Commercial Logging of its Forests

Heilongjiang Province in northeast China will ban commercial logging of its natural forests from Tuesday [1 April 2014]. Excessive logging over long periods have sharply reduced forest resources and downgraded quality of state forests in the province, said Zhao Shucong, chief of the state forestry administration. “To protect the ecosystem and insure sustainable development of

China’s “Green” Timber Producers are Struggling on the Domestic Market

Forest farms and timber producers that have green certificates to trade internationally are having a difficult time selling their eco-friendly products on the domestic market. The certificates, issued to help consumers choose products that meet social and environmental standards, are not as sought after among Chinese consumers as they are in Europe. Chen Qinglai, a

China Registered Over 18,700 Illegal Activities Relating to the Misuse of its Grasslands

The Ministry of Agriculture has made public seven cases of destroying grassland resources, as part of an intensified effort to fight illegal activities in the sector. More than 18,700 illegal activities related to grassland resources were filed and investigated in 2013, according to China’s top discipline watchdog…Full Article: China Daily Feb 2014 Key point The

The Dalian Commodity Exchange Launches Fiberwood and Plywood Futures

China, the world’s largest source of forestry products, started trading fiberwood and plywood futures Friday at the Dalian Commodity Exchange. Shi Feng, secretary-general of the China National Forest Product Industry Association, said the launch of the two futures contracts will offer companies more tools in pricing, help them arrange production and sales, and hedge risks…Full

China Approves Hardwood Imports from Virginia and South Carolina

The Chinese government has lifted its trade ban on hardwood logs exported from Virginia and South Carolina, the Virginia Port Authority announced recently. The lifting of the ban takes effect on Sunday [15 September 2013]…Full-text article: Sep 2013 Key point Pine and other softwoods are still banned due the risks associated with pinewood nematode.

China Looks to Hardwood Imports to Realize Construction of “Green” Buildings

The Chinese government also plans to build 1 billion square meters of “green” buildings between 2011 and 2015, and to ensure that eco-friendly buildings account for 20 percent of all the new urban buildings by 2015. United States-based hardwood exporters are boosting their growth in China’s furniture, decoration and eco-friendly building material markets as the

Illegal Timber Exports to Southern China Increase Due to Lull in Conflict Between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Government

Hundreds of Chinese owned trucks laden with timber have crossed from Kachin state into China over the past few weeks. Timber being transported to China has increased during the recent lull in fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burma army. Hardwoods harvested from government controlled forests in the state are once again being shipped