Herbal Tea Producer, JiaDuoBao, in Court Again Over Wong Lo Kat Brand

A court in Beijing has opened a hearing on yet another legal dispute between herbal tea producer Jiaduobao (China) Drink Co Ltd and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd (GPH), this one involving claims of design infringement, the Beijing-based Legal Mirror reported Monday [21 December 2015]. GPH is seeking compensation of 300 million yuan ($46.29 million) for

China’s Top Herbal Tea Producers Announce Truce in Feud over Popular Wong Lo Kat Drink

Exhausted by a seemingly endless rivalry, both open and secret, over trademarks, packaging and advertising slogans, two controversial Chinese herbal tea makers recently vowed to call a truce in a public war of words that has lasted for months. They both say they will now concentrate on developing better products…Full-text article: China Daily Mar 2013