The Dalian Commodity Exchange Launches New Soymeal Futures Options, Sugar Options Expected Next

Dalian Commodity Exchange launched new soymeal futures options on Friday [31 March 2017] – the first commodity options in China – offering one more hedging tool for investors, as well as soybean processing firms. The exchange is also considering launching futures options for more commodities, such as corn and soybeans, according to Wang Fenghai, managing

The Dalian Commodity Exchange Pushes for Soybean Meal Options

The Dalian Commodity Exchange has urged regulators to approve the launch of soybean meal [animal feed] options and said it plans to introduce a hog futures contract, expanding its agricultural product offerings. Speaking at a conference on Wednesday [9 November 2016], the exchange’s general manager, Wang Fenghai, said soybean meal options would help farmers and

Sanhe Hopefull, One of China’s Top Private Soybean Processors, to Expand Capacity in Jiangsu and Liaoning

Sanhe Hopefull Grain and Oil Group Ltd, one of China’s leading private agriculture companies, will invest 2 billion yuan ($317 million) in vegetable oil refinery project in Jiangsu province and another 2 billion yuan in a soybean processing plant in Liaoning province, a senior official of the company said on Thursday [10 September 2015]. Shi

Chinese Imports of Brazilian Agricultural Goods Continue to Rise

China was the leading country in the import of farm products from Brazil in July, increasing its share of exports from the sector from 25.5 percent to 32.1 percent, said the Ministry of Agriculture. Figures from the Brazilian Foreign Agro-business Trade Statistics System (AgroStat), cited by the daily newspaper Estado de São Paulo, showed that

KFC Accused of Using Genetically Modified Soybeans in its Soy Milk

Fast food chain KFC in China is suspected of using genetically-modified soybeans in its soy milk, said a Chinese inspection and testing institute and a product-review website reports Shanghai-based China Business News. The product review website, Huajiao, worked with a third-party inspection and testing institute, Centre Testing International, to examine the soy milk of four

China has the Potential to Displace South America as the Top Soymeal Supplier to Southeast Asia

China has the potential to replace South America as the dominant exporter of soymeal to South East Asia, according to a report from Rabobank. By maximizing its existing crushing industry capacity – utilization is currently below 50% – China could ring-fence regional demand, providing a significant growth opportunity for Chinese crushing businesses. In doing so,