China’s Instant Noodle Consumption Slumps Due to Shrinking Rural Migration and Increased Food Delivery Options

With their tangy sauces and sachets of dried meat and vegetables, instant noodles were once the bedrock of China’s convenience food, but their sales had declined drastically in recent years. For Geng Mei, an English teacher in Beijing, munching bowls full of steaming instant noodles was a highlight of her childhood…Full Article: Xinhua Dec 2017

The State Council Issues Guidelines to Support Rural and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Amid a Migration Slowdown

A new guideline supporting rural entrepreneurship and innovation will enable more migrant workers, college graduates and those in high-tech sectors to start businesses in rural areas and help improve the efficiency of the agricultural sector, a senior official said. In a guideline issued late last month [November 2016], the State Council said it would further

Tencent-backed Chongqing Online Startup Focuses on Rural Land Transactions

Last December, an online auction of an island in the Maldives on Chinese e-commerce platform hit the headlines. Surprisingly for such a big deal, the agency that handled all the business transactions was a startup company in Chongqing. In April, 2015, the internet company Chongqing Meicun Technology Co Ltd launched, a website that

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and State Council to Build-up the Country’s Rural E-Commerce Market

Rural e-commerce development will be a top focus this year, as China aims to foster a new growth pillar in the countryside, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said on Friday [8 May 2015]. E-commerce not only provides rural residents much easier access to products, but has also become an important channel for the sale of