China’s Minister of Agriculture Acknowledges that Domestic Grain Production Must Increase

Agriculture minister Han Changfu said Friday [10 October 2014] that Chinese people should keep their “rice bowls” in their own hands to ensure food security, as massive grain imports will be unsustainable for the nation. In his article published by the Qiushi Journal, the flagship magazine of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Han

Tsingtao Brewery Eyes China’s Northern Markets with its Expansion into Hebei Province

Tsingtao Brewery acquired a local beer producer in North China’s Hebei province, and launched a joint venture with another in Shijiazhuang [e.g. Jiahe Brewery], wrapping up a storm of expansion in 2013. In a press release, Tsingtao said it would acquire Xinzhonglou, a 64-year-old brewery in Zhangjiakou on Dec 29…Full Article: China Daily Jan 2014

China’s 2013/2014 Citrus Harvest Expected to be Bountiful

Favorable weather and better yields have made for sunny outlooks on the 2013-2014 Chinese citrus season. With more anticipated volume, prices could be lower than in the previous season…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Dec 2013 Key point According to the article, for the 2013-2014 production season, China could produce 17.8 million MTs of mandarins/tangerines, 7.6 million

Chinese Food Companies Plan to Establish Production Facilities in South Korea’s “Foodpolis”

South Korea seen as a springboard for companies to explore the international market and win consumers’ confidence on safety issues, reports Lyu Chang in Seoul. For a number of years, the media has been riddled with reports of the poor quality of some Chinese food and beverages, ranging from infant milk formulas and pork contaminated