Opium Poppy Capsules Continue to Find Their Way into Chinese Restaurant and Snack Dishes

A string of restaurants discovered using poppy capsules for seasoning have exposed a shocking practice in China’s food industry. On Wednesday [27 January 2016], authorities busted a noodle restaurant for adding the potentially-addictive poppy capsule into mutton noodles in Yulin City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, according to the local Huashang Newspaper…Full Article: Xinhua Jan 2016

Restaurants in China Found Illegally Using Opium Poppy Capsules to Snag Repeat Customers

A survey by Xinhua News Agency showed that poppy capsules have been illegally used as a condiment in foods such as hot pot, noodles and crayfish in some restaurants to create repeating customers in several provinces, the agency reported on Thursday [30 October 2014]. Xinhua found cases of poppy capsule usage in multiple regions including