China’s Organic Food Companies Reportedly Number More than 10,000

China has more than 10,000 accredited green food companies producing more than 26,000 types of products, latest statistics showed. China’s green food industry is growing fast, and gradually expanding its market share, said Wang Yunhao, director of China Green Food Development Center (CGFDC) which oversees the country’s organic food standards…Full Article: Xinhua Aug 2017 Key

China Wants to Increase Usage of Organic Fertilizer on its Tea and Fresh Produce Crops

China’s Ministry of Agriculture Wednesday [14 June 2017] launched a program to replace chemical fertilizers with organic alternatives in 100 counties and districts. The central government will earmark a fund to support the fertilizer-replacement plan which targets tea, vegetables, and fruit, said Yu Xinrong, vice minister of agriculture…Full Article: Xinhua June 2017 Key Points China’s

China and New Zealand Reach Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Certified Organic Foods

China and New Zealand inked an agreement on Monday [14 November 2016] to mutually recognize organic food with official certification labels to facilitate organic food development and trade. China’s Certification and Accreditation Administration and New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries agreed to mutually recognize each other’s certifications for organic food imports…Full Article: China Daily Nov

Hong Kong Survey Found Excessive Levels of Pesticides and Heavy Metals on Organic Food

More than a third of organic food samples tested in Hong Kong contained excessive pesticide levels and 13 percent contained heavy metals, a new Consumer Council survey revealed. While Hong Kong lacks definitive laws governing the use of organic labels in foods, imported mainland vegetables marketed under organic labels had pesticide residues three times allowable

Sanlu, Company at the Heart of the 2008 Adulterated Milk Powder Scandal, Looks to Sell Organic Noodles

Sanlu, the dairy brand that nearly disappeared from the public eye after its tainted milk killed at least six infants in 2008, has made its way back into the market, this time in Zhejiang province. The brand, now owned by Zhejiang Sanlu Industrial Co, no longer makes dairy products and instead produces organic products such

France’s Carrefour Hopes to Have a Presence in Over 100 Chinese Cities by 2016

Carrefour, the world’s second-largest retailer by sales, Thursday said the company planned to open more than 20 hypermarkets every year on the Chinese mainland, a reflection of great ambition and confidence in the country’s highly competitive retailing market. Currently, Carrefour operates 236 hypermarkets in 73 cities on the mainland…Full article: The Global Times Dec 2013