Chinese Agricultural Scientists Attempt to Introduce Palm Oil Trees in the Mainland

Chinese agricultural scientists have created a trial plantation of oil-producing palm trees in the country’s southernmost island province of Hainan. The Hainan-based Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences said on Friday [17 November 2017] it has taken two years to grow the exotic tropical plant. So far, it is thriving on a 5-hectare trial plantation

Malaysian Palm Oil Exports to China Struggle to Compete with Indonesian Supply and Cheap Soybean Oil

While Malaysia, the world’s second largest producer of crude palm oil (CPO), is seeking to export more palm oil to China following Prime Minister Najib Razak’s visits to China, it may be a tall order this year, as soybean supplies remain ample and Indonesia, another major CPO producer, still has its competitive advantage over Malaysia.

Deep Sea Fishing Company and Palm Oil Enterprise Benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative

After a little more than three years, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, envisioned as an infrastructure and trade network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along ancient trade routes, is delivering promising early results on trade and investment. It’s a win-win scenario given that China and countries along the routes have signed more than 40

‘Malaysia in Shanghai’ Program to Help Promote Malaysian Food Exports to the Mainland

Durian, coffee and bird’s nest – those are the three most popular Malaysian products that the Chinese are eyeing. Other products well received during the Food, Hotel, Catering China expo at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre were confectioneries, food sauces and pastes…Full Article: The Star Online Post Nov 2016 Key Point From January to

McDonald’s China to Reduce Palm Oil Usage in Favor of Healthier Sunflower and Canola Oil

McDonald’s stores in China will change the cooking oil they use starting next year, despite an increased cost, and introduce new menu items including fruits and vegetables, the Beijing Times reported on Friday [15 July 2016]. Phyllis Cheung, the CEO of McDonald’s China, said the fast-food giant is testing new cooking oil and plans to

Malaysia and Yunnan Province Hope to Increase Agriculture Trade and Cooperation

Yunnan province in China hopes to increase trade with Malaysia through commercial links in the agriculture sector. Its Department of Commerce deputy Director-General Ma Yongfu said trade between them was about US$120million (RM466million) annually. The province mainly exported fresh flowers, agriculture produce and daily necessities to the country while receiving oil palm and rubber products

Chinese Groundnut Oil Producer Proposes Reverse Takeover of Malaysian Telecom Company

China edible oil producer, Henan Xinghe Oil and Fat Co Ltd, plans to introduce its branded oil products to Malaysia in the wake of a proposed reverse takeover (RTO) of Key West Global Telecommunications Bhd. The move will mark the first foray of the company, one of China’s top six edible oil makers, out of