China’s Ministry of Finance Lowers Import Tariffs on a Variety of Agricultural Products

The Ministry of Finance announced on Friday [24 November 2017] cuts in import tariffs on some consumer products starting from December. The reduction of import tariffs will affect 187 tariff codes, including on food, health supplements, pharmaceuticals, garments and recreational products, and the average rate will drop to 7.7 percent from 17.3 percent, according to

Vietnam’s Macadamia Industry to Invest in Processing Facilities

Duong Cong Minh, chair of Vietnam Macadamia, said Vietnam would have 30 million macadamia plants in the next 10 years which would provide 350,000-400,000 tons, worth $1 billion. Vietnam plans to build 30 macadamia nut preliminary processing and eight large-scale processing plants. The Vietnam Macadamia Association would also cooperate with international associations to develop the

South Africa Looks to Increase Exports of Wine, Sea Cucumbers, Macadamias, and Vegetables to China

The South African wine and agriculture sector had a good run in China during the South African expos there this week. Export opportunities have also been identified in aquaculture. Lucky Tshayivithi, the head of trade and investment at Buffalo City municipality in the Eastern Cape, said that after 10 years of negotiations, the municipality would

Australia and South Africa Team Up to Supply Macadamias to China

More Australian macadamia nuts will be destined for China and other parts of Asia as the result of an expanding marketing partnership involving local and South African producers. From January, long-established tree nut producer and processor Stahmann Farms will start marketing its macadamia output through Green and Gold Macadamias, a partnership formed two years ago