China to Invest over US$2.6 billion to Develop and Lease 3 million hectares of Ukrainian Farmland

China will plough billions of yuan [CNY 1 billion = US$163 million] into farmland in Ukraine that will eventually become its biggest overseas agricultural project. The move is a significant step in China’s recent efforts to encourage domestic companies to farm overseas as China’s food demand grows in pace with urbanization…Full-text article: South China Morning

Former Yunnan Party Official Who Supported Farmers’ Rights against Land Seizures, Passed Away at the Age of 91

When former deputy chairman Yang Weijun asked for his usual chauffeured limousine last month, a clerk informed him there was no car among the official fleet of the Yunnan government available to him. Unfazed, the 91-year-old retired provincial leader called in a favor, and was able to sneak out from his Kunming retirement home by

Chinese Communist Party Voices Concern over Rural Land Expropriation and Potential Water Shortages

A top Chinese agriculture official backed measures to prevent farmland grabs in China, warning that the country’s waning self-sufficiency will make it increasingly dependent on imports to feed itself. Chen Xiwen – deputy director of the Chinese Communist Party’s leading group on rural policy – said China had to better protect its arable land, and

Qinghai Province (Western China) Contracts 9,400 Herders to Guard Overgrazed Grassland

As many as 9,400 herders have been hired in northwest China’s Qinghai Province as part-time guards to protect grasslands from exploitative activities including overgrazing, officials announced. The herders will oversee 316,000 square kilometers of grasslands before the end of the year, said Gong Aiqi, a Qinghai Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry official. Their roles