China’s Agricultural Insurance Program Covers ~100 million ha of Farmland

China’s agricultural insurance pocketed 32.57 billion yuan (5.29 billion U.S. dollars) in 2014, an increase of 6.2 percent year on year, according to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission on Wednesday [4 March 2015]. The number of insured farms reached 247 million, up 15.71 percent year on year, according to a statement on the commission’s website.

The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) Has Established More Than 4,200 National Agricultural Demo Plots

By the end of 2014, China had established 4,272 national level demonstration zones over eight stages, edging it closer to its goal of agricultural standardization, said Tian Shihong, head of the Standardization Administration of China (SAC), on Tuesday [4 March 2015]. Demonstration zones are large-scale farming areas set up by the SAC as model estates

For the 12th Year in a Row, China’s “No. 1 Central Document” Focuses on Agriculture and Rural Issues

China will step up reforms and innovation to speed up agricultural modernization in 2015, according to a key policy document released by the Party and government on Sunday [31 January 2015]. As the Chinese economy, under the “new normal,” shifts from high-speed to medium-to-high-speed growth, it has become a key issue to continue consolidating the

GM Papaya Sees Increased Cultivation While GM Cotton Slumps in 2014

China’s genetically modified (GM) crop planting areas declined in 2014 amid heated discussions over safety concerns, a study revealed on Wednesday. Chinese farmers grew 3.9 million hectares of GM cotton in 2014, down some 300,000 hectares from the previous year, according to a study done by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications

China Overuses Chemical Fertilizers by Almost Double the Internationally Recognized Limit

Surveys show that over forty percent of cultivated land has been degraded, mainly via the overuse of chemical fertilizers, Guangming Daily reported. Cultivated land in China is classified into three grades – high, medium and low yield croplands, at 498 million mu (33.2 million hectares), 818 million mu [~54 million ha] and 510 million mu

China’s Farmland Under Threat from Heavy Metal Contamination

Severe soil contamination threatens agricultural safety in some parts of China, the Economic Information Daily reports, citing experts at the 4th China Forum on Environmental Remediation Development Strategy. Some areas face heavy soil contamination, especially where heavy polluting enterprises, derelict industrial land, industrial parks, centralized disposal sites for solid waste, oil producing regions, mining areas,

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is Home to China’s Record Breaking Barley Hybrid

Chinese agricultural scientists have developed a new highland breed of barley which yielded 5,265 kilograms a hectare, setting a new domestic output record. The hybrid breed, “Kunlun 14”, produced the record harvest during a trial planting in the Tibetan-inhabited Haiyan County of northwest China’s Qinghai Province, the provincial academy of agriculture and forestry told Xinhua

China May Invest in Rice and Fresh Produce Production in Northeastern Chechnya, Russia

Investors from China intend to grow rice, vegetables and soft fruit in the Chechen Republic, as well as to develop tourism. By the end of the year it is planned to build an eco-village in the Shelkovskaya district, – has announced the Head of the region Abdulkakhir Izrayilov. The project is implemented by the head

China Plans to Have More Than 66 Million Hectares of Irrigated Land by 2020

China’s water watchdog promised on Sept 29 [2014] to make a priority of water conservation in agriculture — the country’s largest water-consuming industry. Li Guoying, vice-minister of water resources, said at a news conference in Beijing that with the nation’s growing population and increasing demand to its biosystem, water scarcity has become a barrier to

Northern Xinjaing’s Ili Valley Has Suffered from Poor Rainfall Since May

A prolonged drought in northwest China’s Xinjiang has left about 200,000 people in need of emergency aid, including drinking water, said the region’s civil affairs department Saturday [23 August 2014]. In seven counties of the Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Ili in northern Xinjiang, more than half a million people and 3.46 million head of livestock