China’s State Council Looks to Safeguard the Country’s Arable Land Area Above the Redline of 120 Million Ha

China vowed to strengthen farmland protection on Monday [23 January 2017] as urbanization increased pressure on grain supplies. Efforts must be made to stabilize farmland area and improve its quality to ensure grain self-sufficiency and food security, according to a document released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council…Full Article:

China’s Minister of Agriculture Announces Reforms on Rural Collective Property Rights are on the Horizon

China is to carry out “necessary and imminent” reforms of the rural collective property rights system to give farmers more rights and to prevent rural assets from falling into the hands of outside capital, as part of the country’s drive to spur economic growth in rural areas, the agriculture minister said on Tuesday [3 January

China’s Ministry of Agriculture Considering Functional Zoning for Certain Crops

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) is mulling to establish grain production function zones as well as key agricultural product production protection zones to ensure key agricultural product safety and supply, according to Yu Xinrong, vice minister of MOA…Full Article: Xinhua Finance Dec 2016 Key Point Officials are considering agricultural function zones in northeastern China (i.e.

Suzhou-based Company Signs Joint Venture Agreement with Alberta’s Nelson Soil Remediation

Companies and institutions from the Canadian province of Alberta signed business agreements with domestic companies during a seminar held in Shanghai on Thursday [24 November 2016]. The agreements include a joint venture between Nelson Soil Remediation and Suzhou Niersen Environmental and Ecological Technology Co. A memorandum of understanding was also signed between NorQuest College and

Tencent-backed Chongqing Online Startup Focuses on Rural Land Transactions

Last December, an online auction of an island in the Maldives on Chinese e-commerce platform hit the headlines. Surprisingly for such a big deal, the agency that handled all the business transactions was a startup company in Chongqing. In April, 2015, the internet company Chongqing Meicun Technology Co Ltd launched, a website that