South Korea’s Largest Food Company to Purchase a Controlling Stake in a Hebei-based Food Additive Producer

CJ Cheiljedang Corp, South Korea’s largest food company, is buying a controlling stake in Shanghai-listed Meihua Holdings Group, a monosodium glutamate seller, for an undisclosed amount. Under the deal, CJ will transfer its biological fermentation assets in China to Meihua. In return, Meng Qingshan, the controlling shareholder of Meihua, and other shareholders will transfer part

Tianjin to Establish a Commercial Cloning Center to Shore Up China’s Beef Industry

Chinese scientists have signed a deal to establish a commercial animal cloning center in the northern port city of Tianjin, edging the controversial science closer to mainstream acceptance. The plant in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA), a government-sponsored business development park, will clone animals including sniffer and pet dogs, beef cattle and

South Korea’s “Foodpolis” Looks to Host Chinese Food Companies

Global food manufacturers find the Chinese market a tough nut to crack. The U.S. government recently complained about China’s subsidies to enterprises including food manufacturers. Last year, E-mart, Korea’s largest supermarket chain, pulled out of China after 17 years of operations there. Despite such difficulties, the Chinese food market, with its 1.4 billion customers, is

Shanghai Real Estate Company to Import and Market Seafood from South Korea’s Jeju Island

Greenland Group, China’s largest real estate company, is planning to launch a range of seafood products from the South Korean island province of Jeju through its huge network of retail outlets, which include boutique supermarkets, online shops and hotels. The Shanghai-based State-owned firm signed a deal on Monday [12 January 2015] to initially import around

China Allows Anti-Dumping Duties on Rubber Imports to Expire

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Sunday [7 September 2014] it would waive anti-dumping measures on rubber imported from Russia, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) beginning Monday [8 September 2014]. The ministry said it has received no expiry review request from Chinese industries to extend the anti-dumping measures, which expire Sunday, and