British Food and Drink Delegation Visits Beijing and Shanghai

A group of UK food and drink makers returned from China on Monday [25 September 2017] after marketing British-made delicacies there, including clotted cream from Cornwall and gin and juice from Devon. Nine food and drink manufacturers, drawn mainly from Southwest England, participated in the weeklong trade mission. The trip was organized and funded by

South Korea’s “Foodpolis” Looks to Host Chinese Food Companies

Global food manufacturers find the Chinese market a tough nut to crack. The U.S. government recently complained about China’s subsidies to enterprises including food manufacturers. Last year, E-mart, Korea’s largest supermarket chain, pulled out of China after 17 years of operations there. Despite such difficulties, the Chinese food market, with its 1.4 billion customers, is

Serbia Hopes for Chinese Investment in Fruit Processing Plant

Chinese investors are interested in Serbia’s fruit farming, Dragan Glamocic, Serbia’s outgoing minister of agriculture, stated in Budimka factory in Pozega, which he visited on Wednesday together with investors from China. On the occasion, guests from China were acquainted with the production capacities of Budimka, one of former leading producers of marmalades, jams, juices and