China Imports Rapeseed (Canola) Oil from Europe of the First Time in 2 Years

China, a major consumer of vegetable oils, recently bought a small volume of rapeseed oil from Europe for the first time in two years as it was cheaper than domestic prices, the China National Grain and Oils Information Centre (CNGOIC) said last week…Full-text article: BlackSeaGrain Apr 2013 Key point Due to high domestic prices stemming

California Caught Off-Guard by China’s Sudden Import Ban on Citrus

The California fruit industry was left stunned yesterday, following an abrupt announcement from Chinese authorities that the country would no longer accept citrus imports from the U.S. state after April 18. California Citrus Mutual president Joel Nelsen said China reported six interceptions earlier in the year for Phytophthora syringae or brown rot, but no clear

California-China Office of Trade & Investment Established in Shanghai

The California-China Office of Trade and Investment was launched in Shanghai on Friday as the U.S. state’s first foreign trade office in a decade, to attract China’s huge foreign investment pool and bolster trade between the state and China. “California is the gateway to the Pacific and this office in Shanghai will enhance trade collaborations

The U.S. Expects Chinese 2013-2014 Corn Demand to Slide from 6.8 to 4 million MTs due to Projected Increase in Production

A strong start to 2013-14 for Chinese imports of US corn may fizzle out – provided the domestic harvest lives up to early promise, and the country proves willing to delve into its huge inventories. The US Department of Agriculture’s Beijing bureau quoted trade sources as saying that “China has already contracted approximately 1 million