Carrefour Opens Distribution Center in in Dongguan to Service Stores in Guangdong, Hainan, and Fujian

French retailer Carrefour SA launched a distribution center in Dongguan, Guangdong province, on Tuesday [31 May 2016], to facilitate its business expansion in South China. Thierry Garnier, president and chief executive officer of Carrefour China, said the company will bring new business formats, including the online-to-offline business and convenience stores, and set up more hypermarkets

Hainan Law Enforcement Officials Seize Largest Single Shipment of Smuggled Frozen Meat Products

Police on the southern island province of Hainan have intercepted their largest ever haul of smuggled frozen meat. The 660 tonnes of beef, ox tripe, chicken and chicken feet from Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Australia filled 18 shipping containers and is worth more than 21.5 million yuan (3.4 million U.S. dollars), the border police of

Hainan Island to Transition Away From Rice and Sugar Cane Production

A Chinese provincial government is to ‘restructure’ the island’s agricultural sector in order to foster opportunities for substantial future growth. The Hainan Government held a symposium on June 22-25 where it announced various plans focused on developing 12 new industries, including tropical produce and e-commerce…Full Article: Fresh Fruit Portal July 2015 Key Point According to

Greenpeace Activists in Hainan Province Found Collecting GM Crop Samples from a University Research Field

Genetically modified food research groups in China will strengthen supervision of GM samples following an alleged case of theft at a research base in Hainan province on April 11 [2014]. A notice from the Ministry of Agriculture last month said stealing the country’s GM technology and seed samples could cause irreparable damage to the nation.

Hainan’s Department of Agriculture Destroys Illegally Planted GM Corn and Cotton

Hainan province destroyed genetically modified corn and cotton crops being used in illegal trials in 2013, reported on Monday. The provincial agricultural department confirmed on Monday that it checked the province’s Sanya, Lingshui and Ledong cities and counties from Dec 23 to 27, 2013, and examined 107 crop samples, from which it identified and

Chinese Developed Salt-Resistant Rice Variety Shows Promise

Chinese scientists report they’ve cultivated a high-yield, salt-resistant rice variety that boosts output to almost 2 1/2 tons per acre. Researchers from Hainan University planted 18 salt-resistant varieties on saline-alkali land along the sea coast in the city of Yancheng in China’s eastern Jiangsu province and identified one variety matching the output of varieties growing