Shandong Province’s Longkou and Qingdao to Establish Agricultural High-Tech Zones

Recently, the provincial government made an agreement to set up a new Agricultural High-tech Industrial Development Zone on the west coast of Qingdao. Moreover, the Longkou provincial Agricultural High-tech Industrial Development Zone was also approved at this time…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Mar 2017 Key Point The new agricultural projects near The Port of Longkou and

Chinese-Georgian Project Begins Construction of Vegetable Greenhouses in Southern Georgia

A joint project between Georgia and China is being executed in Georgia’s farming Marneuli district to build greenhouses to stimulate vegetable production. Several greenhouses are being built over five hectares in Marneuli within the Georgia-China Technical Cooperation Project, worth 20 million Chinese Yuan (7.5 million GEL) and financed by the Chinese government…Full Article: Nov

China Supports Irrigation and Greenhouse Projects in Georgia

Georgia and China stand at the beginning of a new stage of relations where agriculture is the focus. Thanks to Chinese support, more than 30 greenhouses will be built in Marneuli – a town in the Kvemo Kartli region of southern Georgia. In addition, China will provide Georgia with irrigation/reclamation machinery worth $9 million USD.

Greenhouses in Tianjin to Grow Blueberries, Cherries, and Jujube Fruit

Residents of Binhai New District, Taiping Town in Tianjin City (near Beijing) normally would be only able to buy blueberries at supermarkets, but this summer it’s going to be different. Residents of Binhai will be able to hand pick the blueberries themselves and taste the blueberries at their freshest when the First Blueberry Orchard in

Dutch Multinational who Manages Greenhouses in Spain Looks to Boost Greenhouse Production in Shouguang, Shandong Province

Thirty years ago, Almeria was just like Shouguang, with its plastic-protected craze and intensive agriculture growing by 150% annually. Nowadays, with one million greenhouses of around one thousand square meters, Shouguang is also taking its first steps in the use of integrated biologic control. Koppert, a Dutch multinational firmly established in Almeria and specialized in

One of China’s Largest Greenhouse Vegetable Producers Receives Offer to Go Private

Le Gaga Holdings Ltd., one of the largest greenhouse vegetable producers in China, said its board received a “go private” offer from a group including both its chairman and its chief executive, valuing the company at about $184 million…Full text article: Fresh Plaza May 2013 Key point According to the company’s press release, Le Gaga