Chinese Black Tea Company Expands into Georgia

Hangzhou Wanhu Tea Co Ltd, which sells the famous Chinese black tea, has expanded its business quickly in Georgia. The erstwhile Soviet republic and now an independent country offers exceptional conditions for growing tea. Bordering West Asia and East Europe, Georgia has warm and humid climate, balanced ecology and ample annual precipitation…Full Article: China Daily

China and Georgia Sign Trade Liberalization Agreement

China and Georgia on Wednesday [5 October 2016] substantially concluded their Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations, with a landmark memorandum of understanding signed in Tbilisi. The memo was signed by visiting Chinese Commerce Minster Gao Hucheng, Georgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitry Kumsishvili…Full Article: Xinhua Oct 2016 Key Point

Chinese-Georgian Project Begins Construction of Vegetable Greenhouses in Southern Georgia

A joint project between Georgia and China is being executed in Georgia’s farming Marneuli district to build greenhouses to stimulate vegetable production. Several greenhouses are being built over five hectares in Marneuli within the Georgia-China Technical Cooperation Project, worth 20 million Chinese Yuan (7.5 million GEL) and financed by the Chinese government…Full Article: Nov

China Supports Irrigation and Greenhouse Projects in Georgia

Georgia and China stand at the beginning of a new stage of relations where agriculture is the focus. Thanks to Chinese support, more than 30 greenhouses will be built in Marneuli – a town in the Kvemo Kartli region of southern Georgia. In addition, China will provide Georgia with irrigation/reclamation machinery worth $9 million USD.