ChemChina Launches E-Commerce Website to Sell Products Using Alibaba Knowhow

China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), a State-owned chemical giant, officially launched its e-commerce platform on Sept 21 at the 15th China International Chemical Industry Fair, marking the establishment of the first chemical industrial e-commerce portal in the country…Full Article: Sept 2016 Key Point In June 2016, ChemChina launched a trial version of its e-commerce

Chinese Officials in Shaanxi Province Destroy 242 Hectares of Illicit GM Corn Crops

China’s Shaanxi Province has weeded out over 3638 mu (598 acres) of unlicensed genetically modified maize fields in Jingbian County of Yulin City. The local government confirmed the corn seeds involved in the cases were genetically modified, after 5 batches of inspections…Full Article: CRIENGLISH Sept 2016 Key Point A local seed broker was detained for

Former Leader of China’s Ministry of Chemical Industry Headlines Letter of Protest Against ChemChina’s Acquisition of Syngenta

Around 1,300 Chinese citizens have signed a letter to protest China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina)’s acquisition of Swiss-based Syngenta, citing genetically modified (GM) food worries, one of the protestors who helped draft the letter told the Global Times on Monday [19 September 2016]. Qin Zhongda, the former minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, was

Chinese Scientists Complete the Genome Sequencing of Mustard

Chinese scientists have mapped the genome sequence of allopolyploid Brassica juncea, or mustard, a vegetable commonly used in Chinese cooking. Zhejiang University’s Zhang Mingfang, who is a member of the research program, said Tuesday [13 September 2016] that the sequencing would help scientists understand and improve the agriculturally important vegetable…Full Article: The Global Times Sept

Chinese Officials in Xinjiang Region Destroyed Illegally Planted GM Corn

The Ministry of Agriculture responded on Monday, regarding a case of genetically modified (GM) corn planted in northwest China’s Xiangjiang, stating that the seeds had been smuggled from abroad. It stated that the company which introduced the GM corn did this to seek profit…Full Article: CRIENGLISH Sept 2016 Key Point In May 2016, officials in

ChemChina Extends Deadline for Syngenta Investors to Tender their Shares

ChemChina on Tuesday [6 September 2016] extended by almost two months the deadline for Syngenta investors to tender their shares as the Chinese company seeks to complete a $43 billion takeover of the Swiss pesticides and seeds group…Full Article: The Global Times Sept 2016 Key Point The deadline for tendering their shares has been pushed

CFIUS Approves ChemChina’s Acquisition of Syngenta

A US national security panel has cleared ChemChina’s $43 billion takeover of Swiss pesticides and seeds group Syngenta the companies said on Monday [22 August 2016], boosting chances that the largest foreign acquisition ever by a Chinese company will go through…Full Article: China Daily Aug 2016 Key Point Owing to the confidentiality of the CFIUS

China’s State Council Eyes a Future with More GM Crop Cultivation

China will allocate more resources to GM crop R&D, according to a five-year plan for science and technology progress published Monday [8 August 2016] by the State Council. The plan lists science and technology targets for the 2016-2020 period, as well as the government action needed to achieve the proposed results…Full Article: Xinhua Aug 2016

China’s Ministry of Agriculture Torpedoes Proposal to Establish Non-GM Soybean Reserves

China’s agricultural authority announced Tuesday [9 August 2016] that it has rejected the national legislature’s proposal to set aside special zones for the cultivation of non-GMO (genetically modified organism) soybeans, saying such a step would mislead the public about GMO products. The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said on its official website that it disagrees with

ChemChina to Sell US$10 Billion Preference Share Offering to Help Fund Syngenta Acquisition

China National Chemical Corp is planning to sell US$10 billion worth of preference shares in one of its units, to help fund its record US$43 billion acquisition of the world’s biggest agrochemicals company Syngenta AG, according to sources who did not want to be identified…Full Article: July 2016 Key Point Of the US$10 billion