US Frozen Cranberries, Frozen Blueberries, and Frozen Strawberries Get Easier Access to China

Thanksgiving in the US means cranberry consumption – about 20 percent of all US cranberry consumption is done during the holidays – and a new certificate issued to US cranberry growers means that the red berry will have an easier time making it to China as well, where demand for cranberry has grown dramatically in

China’s Frozen Strawberry Consumption is Outpacing Domestic Production

According to Fruit-Inform data, being the largest global producer and exporter of frozen strawberries, China simultaneously increases internal consumption of this product. China’s production of frozen strawberries has been annually growing by 8-9%, whereas internal consumption has been increasing averagely by 18-20% per annum…Full-text article: Fruit-inform Apr 2013 Key point Within China, frozen strawberries are