Chongqing’s Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County Focuses on TCM Cultivation

By offering their lands to a herb planting cooperative, more than 400 farming households in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality have received a total of over 200,000 yuan (30,000 U.S. dollars) in dividends so far this year. The farmers live in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County and are anticipating more dividends from the cooperative. They are looking

Chinese Investor to Cultivate Pyrethrum Flowers, A Natural Insecticide, For Export to the Mainland

Kenya, once the world’s leading producer of pyrethrum, the natural ingredient used in the manufacture of insecticides and other pesticides, has seen the production of the crop drop drastically due to delayed payments of crop deliveries and lack of proper management within the sector. Chinese investor Li Changhong, the Director of DLI International Trade Limited,