Chinese Looks to Modernize its Agriculture Sector by Easing Restrictions on Access to Finance

China will offer customized financial services to new farming practices to push agricultural modernization, China’s central bank said on Friday [21 February 2014]. Financial institutions should give more credit support to innovative farming entities such as family farms and agricultural cooperatives by adjusting loan rates, maturity length and collateral, according to a statement released by

China Transfers Farmland to Larger Entities from its Household Contract Responsibility System

The use rights of 340 million mu (22.7 million hectares) of farmland had been transferred to larger farming entities as of the end of 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Sunday. The transferred land accounts for 26 percent of the farmland under “the household contract responsibility system”, said Zhang Hongyu, a senior official of

China’s Ministry of Agriculture to Roll Out Farmland Reform in 2014

China will expand pilot areas for granting certificates for the contracted land to farmers next year, an official said Wednesday [25 December 2013]. The move is a fundamental work for ensuring farmers’ land rights. It will promote future land use transfers, said Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu at a national meeting on agriculture…Full Article: China

Brazilian farmers open office in China

The Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, the main body representing millions of farmers in Brazil, will open an office in Beijing next Wednesday aiming to increase bilateral agricultural trade and attract Chinese investment in Brazilian infrastructure. “By 2015, 30 million Chinese are expected to join the middle classes, increasing demand for food. This is