China’s Minister of Agriculture Announces Reforms on Rural Collective Property Rights are on the Horizon

China is to carry out “necessary and imminent” reforms of the rural collective property rights system to give farmers more rights and to prevent rural assets from falling into the hands of outside capital, as part of the country’s drive to spur economic growth in rural areas, the agriculture minister said on Tuesday [3 January

The State Council Issues Guidelines to Support Rural and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Amid a Migration Slowdown

A new guideline supporting rural entrepreneurship and innovation will enable more migrant workers, college graduates and those in high-tech sectors to start businesses in rural areas and help improve the efficiency of the agricultural sector, a senior official said. In a guideline issued late last month [November 2016], the State Council said it would further

Zhejiang Province to Looks to Replace More Farmers with Machines Amid Modernization Push

China has chosen one of its most affluent provinces, Zhejiang, to pilot the strategy of replacing farm laborers with machines. Zhejiang agricultural department confirmed on Monday [10 October 2016] that the province has set a timetable of becoming a paradigm of modern agriculture by 2020…Full Article: The Global Times Oct 2016 Key Point By 2020,

Chinese Farmers Reluctant to Move to Urban Centers

About half of Chinese farmers are unwilling to move to cities, despite government initiatives to accelerate urbanization. This is according to a recent report on the challenges posed by industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization…Full Article: CCTV Apr 2016 Key Point According to a report that polled Chinese farmers, approximately 51% expressed interest in moving to

China to Allow Farmers to Use their Contracted Land and Homes as Collateral For Loans

Chinese farmers will soon be allowed to use their management rights over contracted land and their homes as collateral for bank loans. The trial programs, announced by the State Council on Monday [24 August 2015], are an attempt to revitalize rural land assets, increase the investment in long-term and large-scale agricultural projects, and raise farmers’

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) Launches Anti-Corruption Campaign in China’s Agriculture Sector

China’s procuratorial agencies investigated 28,894 officials for duty-related crimes in sectors related to agriculture and poverty relief in the past two and a half years. Some 16,385 of them were suspected of bribery, accounting for 56.7 percent of the total investigated from the beginning of 2013 to the end of May [2015], the Supreme People’s

Xi Jinping Warns Local Government Officials Charged with Transferring Farmland to Take a Step-by-Step Approach and Not a “Great Leap Forward”

As China encourages farmers to pool their land for better productivity, the country has gone on high alert for illegal seizures and speculation. The latest warning came from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who this week suggested that arable land should be protected “the way we protect pandas”. Most of China’s farmland is owned collectively by

China’s Ministry of Agriculture to Increase Subsidies to Grain Farmers and Widen Pilot Land Reform

China will improve agricultural subsidy policies in an effort to deepen rural reform, promote agricultural modernization and increase peasants’ income, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) announced Thursday [30 April 2015]. A total of 14 billion yuan ($2.3 billion) will be given directly to grain farmers. Another 20.4 billion yuan will go to farmers to promote