China’s “No. 1 Central Document” Focuses on Agriculture for the 16th Consecutive Year

Agriculture, rural areas and farmer’s issues remain China’s top priorities for the 16th consecutive year as its “No. 1 central document” prioritizes development of agriculture and rural areas. The document, the first policy statement released by central authorities each year and seen as an indicator of policy priorities, was made public Tuesday by the Communist

15th Consecutive Year China’s “No. 1 Central Document” Focused on Agriculture, Farmers, and Rural Areas

At the beginning of each year since 1982, China’s central government has released the so-called “No. 1 document,” which provides key central government policy guidelines on agriculture and rural development. The name “No.1 Document” reflects the top priority the central government has given to its agricultural sector and would normally address the so-called San Nong

China Releases the Results of its Third National Agricultural Census

The National Bureau of Statistics has released a bulletin about the findings of the third national agricultural census. The census held every 10 years took about three years to complete, and will provide information for the government’s work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, as well as the implementation of the national rural rejuvenation strategy…Full

China-Uganda South-South Cooperation Phase 2 Project Helps Train 3,000 Ugandan Farmers

The Ugandan government on Friday [10 November 2017] hailed the China-Uganda South-South Cooperation Phase 2 (SSCP2) project for boosting agribusiness production and productivity among small farmers in the country. Christopher Kibazanga, the state minister for agriculture, said the two-year SSCP2 project with the backing of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has contributed towards

Agricultural Bank of China to Use Big Data Analytics to Help with Farm Loan Distribution

Agricultural Bank of China Ltd, the third largest commercial lender by assets in China, deepened its application of big data analytics to the online offering of loans without collateral to farmers, to improve risk control and reduce costs. “We innovate online financing products based on data analysis by digging into our clients’ financial assets data,

China’s Ministry of Agriculture to Spend USD 200 million to Train Farmers

China will spend 1.5 billion yuan ($200 million) on its drive to professionalize farming, which the Minister of Agriculture claimed will make “everyone want to be farmers.” Participants will be encouraged to use modern machinery rather than manual labor, be educated in environmentally friendly farming techniques and will be taught up-to-date land management knowledge, the

China to Revise Law on Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives

Draft revision to the Law on Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) for reviewing Thursday [22 June 2017]. The draft expands the scope of specialized cooperatives, adding several new businesses to the cooperatives, including folk arts and crafts, leisure agriculture, and rural tourism…Full Article: June