New Zealand’s 2010 Kiwifruit Psa Disease Outbreak Originated from Shaanxi Shipment

Plaintiffs in the Kiwifruit Claim court case believe they have proven that MPI was negligent and breached its duty of care by allowing kiwifruit pollen contaminated with Psa-V to be imported into New Zealand and released into the kiwifruit industry…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Oct 2017 Key Point During the court proceedings, it was argued that

McDonald’s China Will Not Eliminate High-Value Antibiotics from its Chicken Supply Chain

China is omitted from a list of countries in which McDonald’s is aiming to eliminate the use of high-value human antibiotics in its chickens by January 2018 because of the different laws and agricultural conditions there, the fast-food giant told CGTN on Thursday [24 August 2017]. Joining a broader global battle against superbugs, McDonald’s announced

Antibiotic-Resistant Gene Found in 87% of Sampled Chicken Meat in Shandong Province

Drug-resistant bacteria can be found easily in China’s poultry production chain – from hatcheries to supermarkets – according to recent research by scientists from China, the US and Europe, underscoring the need for Beijing to control the use of antibiotics…Full Article: South China Morning Post Feb 2017 Key Points In April 2017, China will ban

Xiamen Customs Detects Burkholderia Cepacia Bacteria in a Parcel Shipment of Plant Seeds

According to the Xiamen Evening Newspaper, the Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently intercepted a one-time sending from the UK, containing seeds of 27 varieties, among which were large-leaf lupine, sweet corn and cosmos. In the laboratory, the sweet corn seeds tested positively for a harmful organism: Burkholderia Cepacia…Full Article: China World Fruit & Vegetable