East China’s Shandong Province, China’s Largest Agricultural Trade Province, Recorded a Trade Deficit in the Sector for 2012

East China’s Shandong Province, China’s largest agricultural trade province saw a trade deficit in the sector for 2012, as exports declined while imports kept rising. Shandong’s exports of agricultural products fell by 2.3% year-on-year in 2012 to $15.02 billion, the largest decline since 2001 when China entered the WTO, Zhang Li, an official at Shandong

China’s Agriculture Trade Deficit Increased 44% to US$49.2 Billion

China’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in food output is no longer possible as soaring demand and rapid urbanization stoke appetites, a top government farm official said, in comments that appear to be the most direct yet to rule out achieving this aim. China’s soaring imports of agricultural products remain a sensitive topic for the ruling Communist