Parent Company of Lenovo Computers Invests in Blueberry Cultivation and Sea Cucumber Harvesting Around Dalian

Dalian is improving the lives of farmers by supporting the introduction of modern agricultural methods and the traditional cultivation of trepang, a type of sea cucumber. Xianrendong, the major source of the city’s water, used to be a low-income area because no industry was allowed in order to protect the environment. Blueberries are now being

The Dalian Commodity Exchange Launches Fiberwood and Plywood Futures

China, the world’s largest source of forestry products, started trading fiberwood and plywood futures Friday at the Dalian Commodity Exchange. Shi Feng, secretary-general of the China National Forest Product Industry Association, said the launch of the two futures contracts will offer companies more tools in pricing, help them arrange production and sales, and hedge risks…Full

Turnover on the Dalian Commodity Exchange on the Rise as Zhengzhou Exchange Plummets

Turnover on the Shanghai Futures Exchange edged up 2.63% from a year earlier to 44.6 trillion yuan [US$7.17 trillion] last year, taking up 26.06%of the country’s total. The market deals in commodities such as copper, rubber and fuel oil. Meanwhile, the Dalian Commodity Exchange, the country’s largest futures market for agricultural goods, saw its turnover

Dalian Commodity Exchange, China’s Largest Futures Market for Agricultural Goods, to Improve Services

China’s largest futures market for agricultural goods, Dalian Commodity Exchange, said it will improve services via cooperation with international counterparts to boost its global presence. It is one of the four commodity futures exchanges in China. Major contracts traded on the exchange include corn, soybean, palm oil, linear low-density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. Since its