Air China Opens Office in Cuba

China’s flagship airline, Air China, opened on Thursday [3 August 2017] a commercial office in Cuba to boost tourism cooperation between the two nations and the Caribbean area. In a ceremony chaired by China’s ambassador to Cuba Chen Xi and Air China’s general manager in Cuba Zhang Xin, the office opened to facilitate travel between

China’s YTO Group Donates More Than 580 Tractors to Cuba

The delivery of 587 tractors to Cuba by Chinese YTO Group, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, is a courageous respite for the domestic food production, based mainly on the existing technological obsolescence in that key sector…Full Article: Cuba Headlines Sept 2015 Key Point The tractor agreement was signed between China’s YTO Group and Cuba’s

Xi Jinping Visits Cuba, Meets with Fidel Castro and Signs Agricultural Deals

China and Cuba on Tuesday signed an array of 29 cooperation agreements to support the Caribbean country’s development and enhance bilateral ties as President Xi Jinping paid his first-ever state visit to Cuba. Among the deals, China’s Bank of Import and Export offered Cuba a 730 million RMB ($115 million) loan for Santiago Port, Cuba’s