China may Institute a 3-Tiered Pricing Structure for Urban Household Water Consumption by 2015

All cities in China should be charging tiered prices for household water by the end of 2015, to encourage people to use less water. The guidelines published on Friday by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Ministry, suggest a three rate structure, charging more to homes which use more…Full

China Will Overtake the USA in the Consumption of Packaged Processed Foods by 2015

The Chinese market for packaged processed food like ready-meals, snacks and drinks will surpass the US in terms of volume by 2015. By then China is forecast to consume as much as 107 million tons of packaged food compared to 102 million tons in the US…Full-text article: BlackSeaGrain Oct 2013 Key point According to Euromonitor,

Chilean Grape Industry Leader Expects Chinese Consumption to Shift to Seedless Varieties

A Chilean grape industry leader expects Chinese consumers will eventually change their preferences from seeded Red Globes to seedless Thompson and Crimson varieties. Speaking at Fresh Connections China in Shanghai last week, Exportadora Subsole president Miguel Allamand said a similar trend had been seen in South Korea and would likely take place in Asia’s largest