China’s State Council Hopes to Establish Internationally Competitive Agricultural Enterprises within the Next Five Years

China will aim to establish a number of internationally competitive agricultural firms by 2020, the State Council said on Tuesday [1 December 2015]. It released a guideline on land reclamation reforms saying, “By restructuring reclamation areas and innovating in the operation mechanisms of farms, China aims to build a number of large-scale agricultural groups that

Hangzhou Wahaha Group, China’s Largest Beverage Company (Company Profile)

OVERVIEW Hangzhou Wahaha Group: Founded in 1987 in Zhejiang province, Wahaha (the sound of laughter in Chinese) is China’s largest beverage company. The company has over 150 subsidiaries in 29 provinces, with total assets of 30 billion yuan [US$4.83 billion] and 30,000 employees (as of early 2013). The company produces milk drinks, carbonated soft drinks,

SkyPeople, China’s Apple and Kiwi Juice Producer (Company Profile)

OVERVIEW SkyPeople Fruit Juice: Established in 2001 in central China’s Shaanxi province, conveniently located in one of China’s primary fruit-growing regions. The area is particularly well known for kiwifruit, and SkyPeople is home to the largest kiwifruit plantation in Asia. Company’s top of the line processing and manufacturing facilities feature cutting edge equipment used to