China’s Largest Instant-Coffee Factory to Be Built in Chongqing

Chongqing municipality, southwest China, is building the country’s largest instant-coffee factory, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018, local authorities said Wednesday [23 November 2016]. The factory will cost 1 billion yuan (145 million U.S. dollars) and produce 10,000 tonnes of freeze-dried coffee, 2,000 tonnes of liquid coffee concentrate and 3,000 tonnes of baked

‘Malaysia in Shanghai’ Program to Help Promote Malaysian Food Exports to the Mainland

Durian, coffee and bird’s nest – those are the three most popular Malaysian products that the Chinese are eyeing. Other products well received during the Food, Hotel, Catering China expo at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre were confectioneries, food sauces and pastes…Full Article: The Star Online Post Nov 2016 Key Point From January to

Starbucks China Looks to Increase its RTD Market Share with the Launch of New Bottled Coffee Beverage

Starbucks Coffee Company, global leader in coffee chain stores, is further expanding its ready-to-drink coffee beverage business in China by introducing a new bottled lines tailored for Chinese taste and plans to bring its distributions to more cities in the country…Full Article: China Daily Sept 2016 Key Point Starbucks announced it would launch new bottled

Starbucks to Source its Food Products for its Upcoming Shanghai “Roaster and Reserve Tasting Room” from Europe’s Princi

As part of a program to upgrade its food sales, Starbucks Corporation will become a licensee and investor in the boutique bakery and cafe Princi. The bakery will offer food in all new Starbucks roastery locations, including Shanghai and New York…Full Article: July 2016 Key Point Princi food products will be used to stock

Alibaba and Nestlé Strike E-commerce Deal on Food Products

Nestle and Alibaba announced plans Sunday [5 June 2016] to upgrade their partnership. The world’s largest food retailer will launch its biggest e-commerce campaign ever with its diverse products, spanning 30 brands from coffee to baby formula, being sold on Alibaba’s expansive e-commerce platforms such as Tmall…Full Article: June 2016 Key Points From January