Uruguay Signs Export Agreements for Live Cattle and Blueberries to China

Uruguay will be able to send blueberries to the Chinese market after the agreements signed by the Minister of Livestock, Enzo Benech, and the government authorities of the Asian country…Full Article: Fresh Plaza May 2018 Key Point In May 2018, Uruguay’s Minister for Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries announced that export agreements relating to the entry

Australian Government OKs Sale of Kidman to Hancock Prospecting and Shanghai CRED

Australia’s Treasurer Scott Morrison approved on Friday [9 December 2016] the sale of Australia’s largest pastoral land holding ,S. Kidman & Co, to a partnership involving local mining magnate Gina Rinehart and Chinese consortium Shanghai CRED…Full Article: China Daily Dec 2016 Key Point Australian Outback Beef (AOB), a joint venture between Australia’s Hancock Prospecting (67%

Shandong-based Company to Expand Australia’s Port of Darwin to Handle More Trade, Including Live Cattle

The Chinese company which purchased the 99-year leasing right for the Port of Darwin announced on Tuesday [31 May 2016] an 18-million-U.S dollar expansion of its operations, just months after taking control of the port. Landbridge Group, owned by Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng, said it would be expanding its operation in Darwin, with a one-km

Australia’s Treasurer Gives a Preliminary “No” to Shanghai Pengxin’s Acquisition of Kidman

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison on Friday [29 April 2016] blocked the sale of S. Kidman and Co. Limited, the country’s largest private land owner, to Chinese investor, saying the deal is “contrary to the national interest”. Dakang Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (Dakang), a consortium controlled by Shanghai Pengxin, has been the front-runner of the bidders