Uruguay Signs Export Agreements for Live Cattle and Blueberries to China

Uruguay will be able to send blueberries to the Chinese market after the agreements signed by the Minister of Livestock, Enzo Benech, and the government authorities of the Asian country…Full Article: Fresh Plaza May 2018 Key Point In May 2018, Uruguay’s Minister for Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries announced that export agreements relating to the entry

Peru Exports Mangos, Blueberries, and Other Fresh Produce Via Air Freight to Shanghai

Peruvian mangos and blueberries have arrived in China on the maiden chartered cargo flight from Peru to Shanghai. The cargo flight is a symbolic achievement for bilateral trade as well as the broader strategic partnership between China and Peru…Full Article: China Daily Nov 2016 Key Point Peruvian blueberries and mangoes [as well as avocados, asparagus,

Henan’s Zhengzhou Airport Imports Fresh Blueberries from Canada for the First Time

Recently, China’s Zhengzhou airport imported three tons of blueberries from Canada after passing customs and commodity inspection checks…Full Article Henan Daily Aug 2016 Key Point According to the Deputy General Manager of Banda Tianyuan International Logistics, Zhengzhou Airport will look to become a major fresh fruit importer and distributor. ChinaAg Comments By 2018, it is