Chinese Scientists Complete the Genome Sequence of the Azudki Bean, the Primary Ingredient of Red Bean Paste

Chinese researchers on Monday [12 October 2015] announced that they have completed sequencing the genome of adzuki bean, an important source of starch, digestible protein, mineral elements and vitamins for at least a billion people worldwide. “Adzuki bean is a legume crop known for its high starch (57.06 percent) and low fat (0.59 percent) content

Heilongjiang Province, China’s Leading Grain Producer, Increased its Output in 2014

Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, the country’s largest producer of commodity grain, increased annual output by 4 percent to 62.4 billion kg in 2014, local authorities said Monday [16 February 2015]. The additional 2.38 billion kg produced accounts for nearly half of the country’s newly added output in 2014, according to the provincial agriculture department…Full Article: