China Institutes New Regulations Amid Concerns that ASFV Outbreaks are Being Underreported

China on Wednesday [21 November 2018] issued new rules to tighten notification of cases of African swine fever, including incentives for whistle-blowers, amid concerns that outbreaks of the highly contagious disease are being under reported. The notice comes as the world’s top pork producer struggles to contain the disease with more than 60 outbreaks in

ASFV Detected in China’s Wild Boar Population for the First Time; Sichuan Reports First Case of ASFV

China’s pork industry is struggling to contain the spread of African swine fever, which has now reached the southwest of the country – one of its major pig-producing areas. Ten of 16 pigs infected with the virus have died at a farm in Yibin, Sichuan province, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Friday. In central

Shenzhen-listed Tangrenshen Group Detects ASFV in Samples of its Animal Feed

China’s pork industry is under renewed pressure following the first reported African swine fever contamination in animal feed supplies, raising fears the disease will spread further across the country. The discovery occurred during inspections at a major Chinese animal feed maker, prompted by a new outbreak of African swine fever on the weekend at a