Zambia Wants Chinese Investment in Its Agriculture Sector

Zambia’s Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda has urged Chinese investors to tap into the potential of agricultural sector in the southern African country, saying an array of incentives are waiting for them. In a recent interview with Xinhua, Lubinda said Zambia has abundant arable land which has remained unexploited due to constraint funds and out-dated production

Canada and China Ink Numerous Agricultural Deals

An official delegation of agricultural and food associations from Canada visited China last week and brought more Canadian products to Chinese tables. Led by Andrea Lyon, deputy minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), the delegation visited Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing last week, holding promotion events and signing deals with local Chinese partners. The delegation

Shanghai Real Estate Company to Import and Market Seafood from South Korea’s Jeju Island

Greenland Group, China’s largest real estate company, is planning to launch a range of seafood products from the South Korean island province of Jeju through its huge network of retail outlets, which include boutique supermarkets, online shops and hotels. The Shanghai-based State-owned firm signed a deal on Monday [12 January 2015] to initially import around

Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, to Expand its Cold Chain Logistics Industry

Zhanjiang will expand its cold-chain logistics industry in a bid to boost agricultural development. Wang Zhongbin, mayor of Zhanjiang city, conducted field research in the Xiashan Aquatic Product Wholesale Market, a renowned local aquatic product market, and Guangdong Yinxin Logistics Company to learn about cold-chain logistics development in Zhanjiang on January 7…Full Article: Ministry of

Sea Cucumber Farmers in Hebei Province Suing ConocoPhillips China and CNOOC Over 2011 Oil spill

A trial involving 21 aquaculture farmers demanding compensation from ConocoPhillips China and the China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) over an oil spill in 2011 began Tuesday [9 December 2014]. The sea cucumber farmers from Leting County of Hebei province demanded a compensation of 148 million yuan ($23.9 million) to cover their economic losses and

Fujian’s Yonghui Supermarkets Tout Food Safety Measures

Blue notes beside the vegetable in a branch of Yonghui Supermarket in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, show farm produce free of pesticide residue. “The notice is helpful so that I can choose healthier food,” said a customer surnamed Lin, one of the city’s safety-minded shoppers. “For ten years, we have been cooperating with local farmers

Shandong Province, China’s Aquaculture Hub, Has Lost of 70% of its Inshore Fish Species Since the 1970s

The number of inshore fish species in Shandong Province has dropped by 72.5 percent from over 400 in the 1970s to about 110 currently, provincial authorities said Thursday. According to the provincial government, the shrinking of inshore fish resources is the result of over-fishing and water pollution…Full Article: China Daily Oct 2014 Key Points Inorganic

Chinese Demand for South Australian Rock Lobster Remains Strong During the Spring Festival

The Chinese New Year is increasing demand for rock lobster. More than ten tons of rock lobster are being exported daily to China from the south-east of South Australia…Full Article: ABC Rural Jan 2014 Key point According to the exporter from Robe, South Australia, the Chinese New Year market price for rock lobster has hovered