Market Fundamentals

To succeed in China, your company must have a strong understanding of the underlying fundamentals of China’s agricultural sector. Knowing how much is produced, where it is produced, and during what time of year production peaks and falls is critical for your company to identify market opportunities. ChinaAg can supply your company with the necessary production data to give you that competitive edge. 

Case Study - Pork

In China, pork is king, with the country accounting for approximately 1/2 of global pork consumption (as of 2011). From 2005 to 2010, consumption of pork increased by 8%, but consumption fell from 2007 to 2008 due to an outbreak of blue ear pig disease. Although pork is the most popular meat in China, chicken consumption has increased due to a variety of reasons which include health concerns about pork products, higher incomes, and more frequent dining out by urban Chinese. Despite poultry's gain, pork consumption will likely remain high due to government support programs, including purchasing pork for reserves and occasionally subsidizing pork purchases for low-income consumers.

In general, China’s pork supply is centered along the middle-and-low valleys of the Yangtze River, beef in central and northeast China, sheep in the northwest prairie as well as central and southwest China, and poultry in the developed eastern coastal regions.

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Chinese Pork Production in 2014


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