Chinese Production of Combine Harvesters Up, But Technological Progress Lags

Though it is now the world’s largest producer of combine harvesters, China needs to greatly increase innovation capacity in the field, according to an annual report on agricultural machinery patents recently released by the State Intellectual Property Office. “Technological progress in combines has a direct effect on yield, quality and costs of grain,” Shang Yupei,

Nestlé to Enter Traditional (Herbal) Chinese Medicine Market

The world’s biggest food group Nestlé is moving into traditional Chinese medicine by joining forces with Chinese pharmaceutical group Chi-Med, the Swiss group said on Wednesday. The new entity, called Nutrition Science Partners (NSP), is to be owned equally by the two parties, Nestle said, without revealing any of the financials behind the deal. NSP will

Qinghai Province (Western China) Contracts 9,400 Herders to Guard Overgrazed Grassland

As many as 9,400 herders have been hired in northwest China’s Qinghai Province as part-time guards to protect grasslands from exploitative activities including overgrazing, officials announced. The herders will oversee 316,000 square kilometers of grasslands before the end of the year, said Gong Aiqi, a Qinghai Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry official. Their roles

New York Financial Firm and Chinese Agribusiness Company Compete to Buyout Australia’s Largest Poultry Producer

Blackstone Group LP and China agribusiness company New Hope Group are through to the final round of bidding for Australia’s largest poultry producer Inghams Enterprises, a deal that could be worth as much as AUD$1.4 billion (US$1.5 billion), sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Second-round bids are due by mid-December in the deal,

Chinese Baijiu (Sorghum Liquor) Producers Take Financial Hit Following Safety Scandal (Video)

Product-safety officials found excessive levels of a potentially toxic chemical in a sample of an alcoholic beverage called baijiu, putting increased scrutiny on China’s favorite tipple and the fast-growing $47 billion industry that makes the white spirits. The General Bureau of Quality Inspection in central Chinese Hunan province said on Wednesday that it found 1.04

Thai Fruit Exports to China on the Rise

Growing exports of Thai fruit to China are creating opportunities for logistics providers along overland routes between the two countries. China’s imports of tropical fruit, particularly from Thailand, have risen sharply. The Chinese are enthusiastic eaters of fruit, with per-capita consumption estimated at 149 kilograms per year, twice the global average. China is the world’s