Heilongjiang Province, China’s Largest Grain Producer, is Suffering From Both Drought and Floods

China’s largest grain producer, Heilongjiang Province, is facing dual drought and flood challenges during this year’s spring harvest, according to experts. Ten counties and cities in the province’s west are suffering a lack of rain, while 29 others in the east and north are threatened by flood, meteorology experts said at a consultation meeting on

Northern Xinjaing’s Ili Valley Has Suffered from Poor Rainfall Since May

A prolonged drought in northwest China’s Xinjiang has left about 200,000 people in need of emergency aid, including drinking water, said the region’s civil affairs department Saturday [23 August 2014]. In seven counties of the Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Ili in northern Xinjiang, more than half a million people and 3.46 million head of livestock

Drought is Causing Water Shortages in Henan and Shaanxi (Video)

The high temperatures continued on Saturday in many parts of China. Weeks of drought have already brought water shortages and caused major damage to agriculture in some of the country’s major farming provinces. The central province of Henan and northwestern province of Shaanxi have been the worst-hit, with Henan experiencing its worst drought and lowest

Yunnan Province Forecasted to Receive Rainfall in Mid-April, Relieving a 6-month Long Drought

A drought-hit region in Yunnan province is expected to welcome mild to heavy rainfall before April 16, relieving a six-month-long drought, the China Meteorological Administration forecasted on Wednesday. From Wednesday to Friday, rainfall may hit eastern parts of the province, while next week another round of rain will be seen in the northeastern parts of