Chinese Law Enforcement Seize Tobacco from Counterfeit Cigarette Network

Police have busted a fake cigarette manufacturing and sales network in north China’s Hebei Province and detained 93 suspects, local authorities said Thursday [4 January 2018]. About 17.6 tonnes of tobacco, three machines, and more than 76,000 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes worth 780 million yuan (around 120 million U.S. dollars) were confiscated, according to police

Tanzania May Export Tobacco to Hong Kong

Tanzania is contemplating selling its Tobacco produce to China but cautioned producers over a likely price drop of the traditional crop which constitutes 40 percent of the total export earnings…Full Article: AllAfrica Sept 2016 Key Points Tanzania is holding negotiations with Chinese businesses to export tobacco to Hong Kong. In 2008, northern Tanzania’s Mara Region

China Liberalizes Procurement Prices for Tobacco

Crop was the last agricultural product whose procurement costs were government-regulated. China has announced that procurement prices for tobacco leaves will now be set by supply and demand, in a country where one-third of the world’s cigarettes are consumed but where sales of high-end cigarettes have dropped during the recent corruption crackdown. The National Development