China’s Bohai Commodity Exchange (BOCE) and Mongolian Commodity Exchange (MCE) to Cooperate on Cashmere Trade; Freight Train Service to Connect Mongolia and Hebei

The Mongolian Commodity Exchange (MCE) announced on Friday [30 March 2018] its intention to carry out cross-border trade with China’s Bohai Commodity Exchange (BOCE) starting in mid-April to help Mongolian agricultural products enter the Chinese market…Full Article: China Daily Mar 2018 A new freight train service between Caofeidian Port in north China’s Hebei Province and

Australian Wool Destined for China Replaced with Cheap Knockoff

The theft of high-end Australian wool destined for China is under investigation, authorities said on Wednesday [4 October 2017], as customers end up with lower-grade produce in a scam threatening the industry’s reputation…Full Article: South China Morning Post Oct 2017 Key Point In May 2017, law enforcement officials in Melbourne, Australia, began investigating complaints that

Australian Wool Prices Spike

The price of Australian wool has bounced back after a 20-year lull due to global demand, experts said on Tuesday [1 August 2017]. Wool farmers are benefiting from the best prices for their product in two decades with market analysts tipping that the market would remain strong…Full Article: Aug 2017 Key Points From July

Nepalese Pashmina (Goat Wool) Exports to China May Increase

The Belt and Road International Trade and Investment Platform, a mutual exchange platform of global purchasers and suppliers, has agreed to promote Nepalese pashmina products in China, local chapter of the platform said. The international trade and investment platform was formed with a joint initiative of chambers of commerce, associations and authoritative organizations from countries

Olam International Shuts Down their Wool Export Division in Australia over Low Chinese Demand

Yet another export giant will exit the wool game, citing poor margins and falling demand from China as reason for the decision. Queensland Cotton was one of Australia’s leading wool export companies, selling on about 150,000 bales annually, but parent company Olam International is shutting the division down. The move follows Landmark’s 2013 decision to cease