Suzhou-based Company Signs Joint Venture Agreement with Alberta’s Nelson Soil Remediation

Companies and institutions from the Canadian province of Alberta signed business agreements with domestic companies during a seminar held in Shanghai on Thursday [24 November 2016]. The agreements include a joint venture between Nelson Soil Remediation and Suzhou Niersen Environmental and Ecological Technology Co. A memorandum of understanding was also signed between NorQuest College and

COFCO and Coca-Cola Factory in Gansu Province Accused of Manipulating Water Pollution Data

Officials at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Northwest China’s Gansu Province said on Thursday [22 October 2015] a faulty use of online monitoring equipment led to inaccurate sewage data, after it was accused by local environmental authorities of forging data. An internal investigation found that the employee on duty discovered unstable data of monitored sewage,

China’s Vice Minister of Agriculture Voices Concern Over Agricultural Pollution

Agriculture has overtaken industry as the biggest non-point source pollution in China, according to vice minister of Agriculture Zhang Taolin. Zhang said hazards facing soil and water pollution and the safety of agricultural products have increased, Beijing Times reported. Industrial and civil pollution has shifted to agriculture, lowering the quality of arable farmland. Another negative

China’s Farmland Under Threat from Heavy Metal Contamination

Severe soil contamination threatens agricultural safety in some parts of China, the Economic Information Daily reports, citing experts at the 4th China Forum on Environmental Remediation Development Strategy. Some areas face heavy soil contamination, especially where heavy polluting enterprises, derelict industrial land, industrial parks, centralized disposal sites for solid waste, oil producing regions, mining areas,

Pig Farm in Hunan is Under Police Protection after Angry Villagers Complain of River and Farmland Pollution

A polluting pig farm in Linli, a county in Hunan Province, was put under the protection of local police when angry villagers and a local environmental protection agency asked it to take action to reduce its pollution, China Daily has learned. An inscribed tablet hung at the farm’s gate said the farm was under protection