Chongqing’s Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County Focuses on TCM Cultivation

By offering their lands to a herb planting cooperative, more than 400 farming households in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality have received a total of over 200,000 yuan (30,000 U.S. dollars) in dividends so far this year. The farmers live in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County and are anticipating more dividends from the cooperative. They are looking

Inner Mongolia Promotes Cistanche deserticola (TCM Herb) Production

Herdsmen in northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region have been supplementing their modest incomes by growing desert plants, using advanced techniques under the guidance of an enterprising Chinese pharmaceutical company. Alxa League, an administrative division of Inner Mongolia, is a region notable for its fragile ecological environment, with two-thirds of its land covered by desert…Full

Shandong Ejiao Producer Looks to Australia’s Northern Territory for Donkeys

China’s donkey imports are in line with global demand and help solve the problem of donkey overpopulation in some areas, an entrepreneur said on Monday [24 April 2017]. Ejiao, a kind of gelatin made from donkey hides, is an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. It is often used to treat ailments such as colds

Demand for Traditional Tibetan Medicine on the Rise in China

Output of traditional Tibetan medicine rose to 2,300 tons, valued at 1.5 billion yuan (217 million U.S. dollars) in 2016, due to growing demand for the ancient medicine. Twenty-one pharmaceutical companies in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region have been awarded the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical Products, according to the region’s Commission of

Guizhou Province Plans to Develop its Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry

China’s southwestern Guizhou province plans to invest 524.8 billion yuan ($76.3 billion) in supporting 320 health projects by 2018, a latest endeavor to further boost the healthcare industry, said a local government official. The output of the healthcare sector in the province is projected to reach 400 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for 10 percent

Beijing’s Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Opens Retail Stores in the USA

The world’s largest producer of products for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) opened stores this week in New York and California to capitalize on the growing interest in the alternative medicine practice. Beijing-based Tongrentang Group Co Ltd, or Tong Ren Tang (TRT), also is opening an outlet in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Sunday [25 September 2016].

China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Lead New Interdepartmental Conference System

As part of China’s health drive, the State Council has decided to establish an inter-departmental conference system for coordinated work on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), said the State Council website Thursday [25 August 2016]…Full Article: Xinhua Finance Aug 2016 Key Point China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will lead the new inter-departmental conference system

Price for Famed Tibetan Cure-all, Caterpillar ‘Worm Grass’ Fungus, Suffers Major Decline

Caterpillar fungus, known in China as “worm grass,” is a valuable material used in Traditional Chinese medicine that is only found in high-altitude regions, especially the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Caterpillar fungus was once literally worth more than its weight in gold in China, but over the past three years, prices have fallen by half…Full Article

Bear Bile Manufacturer Fails to Obtain Public Listing on China’s New Third Board

Guizhentang, a manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has again failed to complete plans for a public listing following an outcry from animal welfare groups over its practice of extracting bile from live bears. In December 2015, the company published a statement saying that it planned to raise funds by getting listed on the New